Routine Activites

Empowering the Family
Livelihood Support

LEADS conducts a Livelihood program to enable the mothers of the EQUIP children to have an additional/alternate source of income. The mothers are encouraged to do stitching. The materials are provided by LEADS, and a particular fee is paid to the mothers in return of the clothes embroideries they make. This not only helps the women gain financial solvency, but also enables them to meet small demands of their children and their families with their own income.

This initiative is encouraging other women from the community as well to participate in this activity.


Life Skills Training for Capacity Development

Life Skills Training is a regular program arranged by LEADS to build capacity of the parents of the EQUIP children. Such trainings are arranged by LEADS almost thrice a year when the parents come for follow-up meeting for their children. Special trainings are also provided on the importance of primary healthcare and disease prevention, first-aid measures in case of accidents, importance of personal and family hygiene, causes and prevention measures for environmental pollution, behavioral change in children, impact of family feud on children etc.

The objective of the training sessions is to build awareness among them regarding these issues, build their capacity in dealing with these issues, and make them aware of their rights.


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