December 14
Study Tour

LEADS took the students on a study tour of the “Shahid Budhijibi Smriti Shoudha” on December 14, 2009, in observation of the Shahid Intellectual Day in Bangladesh. This was part of regular study tours arranged by LEADS.

Through this tour, the children learnt more about the liberation war of Bangladesh 1971, about the martyrs, the life of the intellectuals, and how they were brutally killed during the war. This gave them the chance to know more about their history and culture, while develop a sense of patriotism in them.

August 10
Eid Reunion

On August 10, 2009, LEADS arranged an Eid Reunion for the children at its premises. The children wore their eid dresses, watched movies and cartoons, shared their eid experience, and sang and danced with each other to enjoy the ocassion.

July 7
Prize Giving Ceremony

LEADS arranged a prize giving ceremony on July 7, 2009, for the students who did well in the final exams at their schools. Prizes were given to students who scored highest in their classes, as well as to students to performed better compared to previous exams.

January 28
Children Went to Watch a Russian Animation Film

On January 28, 2009, LEADS sent the children to the "International Child Film Fare Festival 2009", held at the Russian Centre of Science and Culture to watch KROSHECHHA KHAVROSHECHKA, a Russian animation film, and BHOMBOL SORDER, a Bengali film for children.

The children participated enthusiastically since this was the first-ever movie festival they attended. They enjoyed the movies thoroughly.

This was an initiative by LEADS to enrich their knowledge, expose them to different cultures, and refresh their minds away from their regular academic activities.